Outliers: Family History May Explain Why You’re the Oddball

In many families someone doesn’t quite fit the mold. After meeting my mother, a colleague asked, “What milk man brought you to the house?” He captured what I had always felt, that I was the family oddball, the outlier. Many children feel that at one time or another, but I had only to look in… Continue reading Outliers: Family History May Explain Why You’re the Oddball

Secondary Sources: Newspapers Online

I am preoccupied with the final editing of Gypsy and the Bird Man, a cultural family history. I wrote about my mother’s fund raisers and realized my memory lacked specifics. Then I remembered an online source that might help: http://www.Newspapers.com. Over the decades my least favorite part of research has been finding news articles. First… Continue reading Secondary Sources: Newspapers Online

Letters, Photographs, and Names: Legal Issues

This is a guest blog from Attorney Helen Sedwick, who addresses legal implications of the materials  writers often use.  When working with an established publisher,  its lawyers will vet your work, but it is still wise to know these points ahead of time. Self-publishers are more vulnerable and need to keep informed to avoid legal… Continue reading Letters, Photographs, and Names: Legal Issues

Pictorial Maps

Most of the writers in my critique group do contemporary fiction. We have joked how Google Earth makes it possible to “travel” to immerse oneself in the geography of a place. For those writing about earlier times, maps can fill in. During the 1800s pictorial maps were popular as a way of advertising places for… Continue reading Pictorial Maps